If you’d like to collaborate with us or use our equipment, please send Dr. Koppal an email.

3D Printing
  • Object Connex2 mixed-plastic 20 micron resolution 3D printer
  • Post-processing equipment and materials for 3D printing of imaging optics
  • Universal Laser System VLS3.50
Optical Dark Room
  • Multiple optical tables
  • Range of components, lenses, mirrors, and light sources
  • Mirrorcle MEMS Mirrors
  • Thermal cameras:
    • Cooled: FLIR A6750sc MWIR
    • Uncooled:¬†Gobi-640-GigE
  • Depth sensors:
    • SF02 Laser Rangefinder
    • Velodyne HDL-32E
    • Kinect V2
  • High speed cameras:
    • Fastcam SA-X2