11/05 Paper on privacy-preserving encodings accepted to WACV 2019! Congratulations to Francesco and our collaborator at WUSTL, Ayan Chakrabarti.
08/22 Dr. Koppal will serve as an area chair for CVPR 2019.
07/05 FOCUS Lab won an ONR grant to perform directional control of depth sensors!
06/19 Congrats to Francesco Pittaluga on being awarded a 2018 Microsoft Research Dissertation Grant!
06/16 See you in Salt Lake City for CVPR 2018. Dr. Koppal is co-organizing the CCD 2018 workshop.
05/20 Best student paper at NEMS 2018! Congrats to our BML collaborators Dingkang Wang and Huikai Xie.
05/04 See you in Pittsburgh for ICCP 2018. Dr. Koppal is co-chair of posters and demos.
04/12 Our paper “Directionally Controlled Time-of-Flight Ranging for Mobile Sensing Platforms'” has been accepted to Robotics Science and Systems (RSS) 2018! Congrats to Zaid!
04/03 “Data Fusion for a Vision-Aided Radiological Detection System: Calibration Algorithm Performance” as been accepted to Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics A. Congratulations to Kristofer and our collaborators at UF Nuclear Engineering!
03/23 Our paper “Designing Light Filters to Detect Skin Using a Low-powered Sensor” was accepted to Southeast Con 2018. Congratulations to our UCF collaborators in Pam Wisniewsk’s lab.
02/15 Dr. Koppal gave an invited talk at Arizona State University’s SENSIP.
02/14 Dr. Koppal gave an invited talk at Phenome 2018 in Tucson, AZ
01/11 FOCUS lab received a MIST award for micro-LIDAR. Congratulations to the micro-LIDAR team!


12/06 Prof. Koppal will co-organize the 7th IEEE International Workshop on Computational Cameras and Displays, which will be held in conjunction with CVPR 2018.
10/16 One IJCV paper accepted.
10/06 Prof. Koppal gives an invited talk at OSA Incubator on Small Eyes and Smart Minds.
10/04 Prof. Koppal gives an invited talk at Army Research Lab (ARL).
09/25 Prof. Koppal gives an invited talk at UC Berkeley on privacy preserving sensors.
09/02 Our paper “Tracking Radioactive Sources through Sensor Fusion of Omnidirectional LIDAR and Isotropic Rad-detectors” has been accepted to 3DV 2017 (poster).
07/01 One paper accepted at NSS-MIC 2017
07/10 Dr. Koppal gives invited talks in France; at IRISA-Rennes, Technicolor R&D Labs and INRIA-Bordeaux/LPN2.
06/01 One paper accepted at OMN 2017.
05/31 Dr. Koppal gives two invited talks at the UCF CREOL optics center and the UCF CRCV computer vision group.
04/18 “Creating Segments and Effects on Comics by Clustering Gaze Data” has been accepted for publication in the Transactions on Multimedia Computing Communications and Applications. Congrats Ishwarya!


12/08 Pre–Capture Privacy for Small Vision Sensors has been accepted to PAMI. Congrats Francesco!
11/09 Congratulations Dr. Xiaoyang Zhang for graduating and good luck at MagicLeap!
10/14 ECCV 2016 awards: (1) “Focal Flow: Measuring Distance and Velocity with Defocus and Differential Motion” won a best student paper award. Congrats to the Harvard students on this paper, Emma and Qi! (2) Sanjeev Koppal received an Outstanding Reviewer Award.
08/01 One accepted ECCV paper (oral)
07/25 Ishwarya’s paper “Leveraging Gaze Data for Segmentation and Effects on Comics” was accepted as a poster in SAP 2016. The poster also made it to a shortlist to be presented at the SIGGRAPH poster session. Congrats Ishwarya!
07/05 Francesco and Kristofer attended the 9th Annual DNDO ARI Conference in Atlanta with posters, talks and demos. They were part of a large UF contingent.
06/29 PI Koppal’s monograph “A Survey of Computational Photography in the Small” about the advent of miniature computational sensors has been accepted to the IEEE Signal Processing Magazine.
05/27 Our paper “A Wide-angle Immersed MEMS Mirror and Its Application in Optical Coherence Tomography” was accepted to OMN 2016. Congrats to our collaborator, Dr. Huikai Xie, at UF ECE and all the student authors.
03/09 Our paper “Sensor-level Privacy for Thermal Cameras” has been accepted to ICCP 2016.
02/09 Our paper “Wide-angle Structured Light with a Scanning MEMS Mirror in Liquid” has been accepted to Optics Express.


12/15 Our micro-LIDAR research was covered by Popular Mechanics, NBC news and IEEE Spectrum.
11/19 Our micro-LIDAR research was reported on in the Smithsonian Magazine.
11/06 Congrats to Ishwarya for winning the Outstanding International Student Award from the UF College of Engineering!
10/07 Our paper “Low Power Depth and Velocity from a Passive Moving Sensor” was accepted to the Extreme Imaging Workshop @ ICCV 2015. Congrats to our amazing collaborators at Harvard, Emma Alexander and Todd Zickler.
09/23 Congratulations to Junior Metayer for receiving a 2015 FGLSAMP scholarship award!
08/12 Our paper “Low-Cost Depth and Radiological Sensor Fusion to Detect Moving Sources” has been accepted to 3DV 2015 (poster).
07/06 Visiting UT Dallas this week as part of 8th DNDO Annual Academic Research Initiative. Four student posters will be presented from FOCUS lab and PI Koppal will co-present the project achievements with our collaborator Dr. Andreas Enqvist and his group at UF MSE. See you in Texas!
06/15 We just received an NSF award for our proposal to create micro-LIDARS. Congratulations to the FOCUS lab and our collaborators (Dr. Huikai Xie from UF, Dr. Karthik Dantu from SUNY Buffalo and Dr. Rob Wood from Harvard)!
04/15 Congratulations to Tatiana Luna on receiving a McNair award!
04/01 Our CVPR 2015 paper “Privacy Preserving Optics for Miniature Vision Sensors” has been accepted (poster).